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Manufactured-Consent, inspired and named after the title of the 1988 book, "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media ", written by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, that describes the filtered lenses of information as a result of the fundamental organization and operating business models of these media companies, which inherently means that in order for these companies to continue to exist, they must always prioritize the agenda of the special-interests that provide them their primary source of revenue, rather than superseding it with the truth--as the truth often is agains the wishes and desires of these rich and powerful special-interests.

In America, there is a widely-accepted semi-truth that we have a free presss and that all journalists seek and report truths, and no one to answer to. We often criticize countries like China for having state-media news networks and everything is automatically written off as propaganda.

The word 'propaganda' is heavily used to describe any information coming out of China or Russia. Americans will often bring this matter up while discussing geopolitics.

I hope the writing on this page can help clear the smoke, debunk myths, false narratives, and misinformation campaign--to demonstrate how the many accusations from the West towards China are total contradictions to their own past and present behaviors.